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About Inmarsat

With the very fast pace that changes occur in our daily lives and in our world today, we didn’t even notice the impact of satellite technology in our everyday life. Often disregarded, this technology is rooted to our modern society that changes the way people live, how things run and how people work, communication using satellite technology is making it possible. For example, fixed satellite system is often used in television broadcasting in cable network providers where as mobile satellite system frequently is commonly used in communication on land, at sea or in flight. Little do we know that satellite communication is there with us from home, to office and even through leisure and travel. There are more satellite communication system developed and run successfully today which is taking a huge part in maintaining a reliable communication and connectivity, and we may not even know of them yet.

Inmarsat satellite communication system was first created for maritime industry operations such as emergency traffic transmission and routine communication and then developed to provide aeronautical and terrestrial communication services. The services of Inmarsat satellite is can run from providing connection through telephone, fax and data communication via mobile or portable terminals and get instant connectivity from anywhere to everywhere on earth. Inmarsat communicate to ground stations through eleven geostationary satellites which cover about 97% of the earth excluding the poles. This can only mean that our products and services are guaranteed to keep you in touch no matter where you are and regardless of your situation and condition. And it just keeps getting better, as Inmarsat has the best of team consisting on experts to develop and offer added services and products using microwave and wireless technologies aside from their cross-platform mobile and fixed satellites.

What’s another good thing about getting Inmarsat products and services is that, you are able to extend your help towards those cities and countries struck by disaster through the company. Being blessed with top of the line technology and customers like you, we help bring back communication and provide financial support to these calamity-sticken places as our way of paying forward our good fortune and YOUR generosity.

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  • RST825 SatRADIO (Portable)

    RST825 SatRADIO (Portable)

    The Beam SatRADIO RST825 is designed specifically for integrating the Iridium satellite network with 2-way Radio communications. The SatRADIO, RST825 is ready for rapid deployment and provides the ideal emergency back up to any radio system.

  • SAILOR 250 FleetBroadband

    SAILOR 250 FleetBroadband

    All maritime engineers and personnel want a reliable connectivity while they are on sea. Good connectivity will give good communication, sending and receiving data that they need for better operation. Of course, it includes the communication with their crew as well as doing simultaneous calls at a time. Many products have been developed for better connectivity but only Trane & Thrane Company only has the best SAILOR 250 FleetBroadband for a great connectivity for every vessel.

  • SAILOR 500 FleetBroadband

    SAILOR 500 FleetBroadband

    All maritime vessels, big and small, nowadays need a reliable and credible service of a certain products from a company for their good connectivity. Even they are on sea while traveling with ship, they must have better connection to send a receive data or they can call anytime they want wherever they are in any part of the ocean. That is why Thrane & Thrane Company develops the SAILOR 500 FleetBroadband. This is the most leading technology from Thrane & Thrane to provide a better and great connectivity even on the most disastrous moment on the ocean.

  • SAILOR® 900 VSAT

    SAILOR® 900 VSAT

    The new SAILOR 900 VSAT is a powerful, quick-to-deploy, stabilized VSAT antenna system with integrated GPS, advanced Ku-band satcom technology and the highest RF performance in the 1m antenna class.

  • SAILOR® 700 VSAT

    SAILOR® 700 VSAT

    The SALOR 700 VSAT is a total VSAT solution; a concept that has been designed to simplify the procurement, installation and operation of Ku-band satcoms.

    Whilst a quiet revolution in the procurement of advanced satcom, SAILOR 700 VSAT is at the same time a sophisticated, high quality hardware solution with inherent reliability and user friendly operations.

  • SAILOR® 6006 Message Terminal

    SAILOR® 6006 Message Terminal

    Housing powerful technology and with an intuitive, icon-driven multimedia style interface, the new SAILOR 6006 Message Terminal is the world’s first touch screen, GMDSS and radiotelex terminal.

  • Beam Terra 400 Land Fixed Phone

    Beam Terra 400 Land Fixed Phone

    Terra 400 is a slimline terminal purposely designed for use in fixed site, emergency service applications where permanent reliable communications services are required. Featuring an intelligent RJ11/POTS interface, it enables connection of up to 5 standard corded/cordless phones or integration to a PABX system. It can support cable runs of up to 600m (2000 feet) with in-built intelligence to support standard ring, busy and dial tones. Other key features of the Terra 400 include: a high quality IP53 rated enclosure (rainproof when wall mounted), USB data access and wall or desk mountable. The Terra 400 is designed to operate with the Inmarsat IsatPhone Link Service and is supplied with a dedicated directional/fixed antenna (Passive) system to provide a completely integrated solution that is ready for use anytime.
  • Beam Terra 800 Land Fixed Phone

    Beam Terra 800 Land Fixed Phone

    Terra 800 is an all-in-one communications terminal, specifically designed to be utilized in a wide variety of land based applications; such as a dedicated telephone service or a back up emergency telephone system that can be deployed throughout the world. Featuring an intelligent RJ11/POTS interface, it enables connection of up to 5 standard corded/cordless phones or integration to a PABX system. It can support cable runs of up to 600m (2000ft) and incorporates an in-built intelligence to support standard ring, busy and dial tones. The Terra 800 has an integrated Bluetooth for voice communications, intuitive color LCD display that provides easy and convenient access to send and receive SMS or to retrieve phone numbers stored in the terminal. Other key features include, a secondary SIM socket to override internal SIM, an active privacy handset, in-built handsfree speakerphone, USB data, in-built phone book, SMS, adjustable ring tones, desk or wall mountable. The Terra 800 is designed to operate with the Inmarsat “IsatPhone Link” service and is supplied with a dedicated high quality directional/fixed antenna system to provide a complete integrated solution that is ready for use anytime.
  • Beam Oceana 400

    Beam Oceana 400

    In maritime industry, communication is the most common problem that we experience especially when your business needs to travel in the oceans and seas. Of course, you need to call your crew on what is happening - to send and receive data for your business operations. By having the best communication tools, it will lead into a smooth business operation.

  • Beam Oceana 800

    Beam Oceana 800

    Cargo vessels, cruise ships, ferry transports, cost guards and many other maritime services really need a good communication tools for better operations. It must not be the reason of having bad connectivity that will lead to profit lost or miscommunication of business operations. All maritime crews, personnel and owners must have a reliable connectivity for good communication so they can perform their job very well. That is why Beam Communications developed products to provide better and much better communication while on your vessels at sea and oceans.

  • SAILOR 150 FleetBroadband

    SAILOR 150 FleetBroadband

    Most common problem of our maritime now while they are on the sea is their communication and connectivity. It is a problem when they can’t able to contact their love ones and friends in very desperate days of their lives at sea. More, they also need a great and reliable connectivity to receive data and send data. Owners also want a credible connectivity so they can check what is happening with their business even in the most disastrous weather but friendly at cost as well on charges.

  • SAILOR® Fleet77

    SAILOR® Fleet77

    The Thrane & Thrane SAILOR® Fleet77is cost effective that provides a constant high-speed and cost-effective data, fax and voice online communication. It comprises the high-quality and speed of a 64 kbps/true ISDN service with Mobile Packet Data Service (MPDS), making it the suitable, convenient and economical solution for email, data transfer, LANs, VPNs and Internet access while the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) providing a high-capacity channel suitable for uploading or downloading large files.


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