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About Satellite On Land

There are many options for communication satellite to be made accessible to the land-user, depending what the operation is. For public safety operations, depending on communications satellite to save lives and properties in the event terrestrial based communication fall down. Wherever the action is, media is ready for broadcasting, news gathering and reporting. For oil and gas companies exploring and drilling some in remote areas link via satellite is a necessity for safety and for operational efficiency. For government agencies, securing operational communication is a must. Operations on land such as Mining, logistics, medical and emergency response, etc. rely on communications satellite anytime, anywhere.

The primary and mostly used satellite service on land is the satellite phone, your ultimate communication gadget. You can connect anytime anywhere and wherever you are in the world even in the most isolated areas in a matter of seconds. Satellite phones are also equipped with strong data features and text messaging applications. The emergence of communication satellite for land-based services is remarkable. It is excellent and high level services to individual users, social and businesses regardless the location is a great advantage.

Satellite land services in broadband provide you internet access. BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) provide instant access to voice and data services simultaneously. It offers a variety of data connections to suit your specific services and applications such as email, internet, secure VPN, SMS, Video conferencing, live video streaming telephony, etc. BGAN M2M is globally reliable two-way data rate service invented for long term machine-to-machine controlling. BGAN M2M applications include IP and non-IP SCADA, secure ATM solutions, fixed asset monitoring and surveillance while Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro applications consist of telephony, SMS, Email, GPS location data look-up-and-send, internet and intranet connection. Iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar and Thuraya are some of the satellite communication industry that provides satellite communication equipments on land applications throughout the world.

For all your communication needs in land, sat-store.net is your solution! Choose your communication needs from our wide range of satellite communication equipments whether Iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar and Thuraya. Connect via satellite and be at ease for you will have a constant communication no matter where you are and no matter what the situations is.

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  • AeroAntenna AT1621-5 Mobile Permanent Mount Antenna

    AeroAntenna AT1621-5 Mobile Permanent Mount Antenna

    The AeroAntenna Mobile Permanent Mount Antenna is a versatile, larger antenna that delivers improved reception over our portable auxiliary antenna. This antenna requires a 1.6 cm (0.625 in.) diameter hole in the vehicle rooftop to secure the bolt antenna and 40 inches of square metallic surface.

  • ASE ComCenter II Outdoor

    ASE ComCenter II Outdoor

    The ASE ComCenter II Outdoor is a high-quality data and voice terminal for the Iridium network, that offers excellent voice quality. It is a reliable, robust satellite communications terminal that saves time and money in materials and installation.

  • Beam SatRADIO (Fixed) – RST820

    Beam SatRADIO (Fixed) – RST820

    The Beam SatRADIO, RST820, provides a satellite to two-way radio interface for use in a vehicle or fixed location over the Iridium satellite system.

  • SAILOR® SC4000 Iridium Telephone System

    SAILOR® SC4000 Iridium Telephone System

    Communication in the ocean is really hard when you do not have the right communication tools to help you out. Of course, you need to check your personnel wherever they are anytime you want. Many products from other communication companies offer many products and services but only few are reliable. You also need a great connectivity even in the most disastrous time when you need to call your loved ones or friends while you are on board with your ship in the ocean. That is why Thrane & Thrane created SAILOR® SC4000 Iridium Telephone System for a better connectivity while sailing.

  • EXPLORER 300

    EXPLORER 300

    Thrane is introducing Explorer to connect and communicate wherever and anytime you want on the Web. Compare to other technologies, Thrane developed a unique Explorer 300 with added benefits that you can connect and communicate to others without boarders and no international roaming fees.

  • EXPLORER 325

    EXPLORER 325

    A new technology from Throne developed to connect you to the world while you’re on travel or moving through Throne&Throne Explorer 325 over Inmarsat BGAN. This is very convenient to finish your job while on travel and is a very important tool to compete with others on business matters because you would not be leaving your business behind no matter where you are in the world at the speed of 250kph connection.

  • EXPLORER 500

    EXPLORER 500

    Being a cause-oriented group, researcher, or military, you might need a fast and reliable connection to your love ones, to government, and to your office for your reports or blogs while you’re on research at the same time.

  • EXPLORER 700

    EXPLORER 700

    Many news stations now are finding reliable connections trough satellites that they may bring good quality of news to the people. They have tried many developed technologies from other companies but they just found out the best quality of Explorer 700by Thrane & Thrane in making their stories. Explorer 700 is now commonly use to report and transmit more images, data, and video from a news caster or weather man from the top of Mount Everest. It is very reliable in terms of its specifications and the features are very well made. Thanks to Thrane & Thrane who developed this Explorer 700.

  • EXPLORER 727

    EXPLORER 727

    Many broadcasters now days want to be the first to break the news to the people. This is really possible especially when you are on action or close action like reporting or taking a cam for a bad weather or tornado striking a city. Releasing the video and broadcasting on the spot of the incident is what they want. Of course this is really important to give signals and official warnings to the people by broadcasting of what is happening in our real time.

  • EXPLORER 300 / 500 Battery

    EXPLORER 300 / 500 Battery

    Thrane & Thrane Explorer 300 / 500 Battery Genuine battery made by Thrane & Thrane. Suits the Thrane & Thrane Explorer 300 and the Thrane & Thrane Explorer 500...

  • EXPLORER 300 / 500 Dummy Battery

    EXPLORER 300 / 500 Dummy Battery

  • SatStation Single-Bay Battery Charger

    SatStation Single-Bay Battery Charger

    The SatStation single-bay battery charger is the only standalone charging solution for the Iridium 9500, 9505, 9505A and 9555 satellite phones. Whether you work in the public service or private sector, your ability to be effective depends on the reliability of your communications systems. Your Iridium satellite phone keeps you connected when no one else can and the SatStation Iridium battery charger keeps you charged when you need it most.


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