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About satellite solutions

Maritime Solutions keep you connected at sea worldwide. No matter where you are in the ocean, whatever the conditions. Excellent data speed the same with those on the ground. Whether you are in a fishing vessel, pleasure boating, workboat, cargo shipping, as well as when you are in a ferry or in a cruise, maritime communication solutions has you covered such as satellite communication, radio communication, safety and regulatory systems and entertainment.

Aviation Solutions connects you continuously no matter where your flight takes you. Solutions for business jet, commercial jet, helicopters, turboprops, air transport aircraft, military aircraft and unmanned aircraft vehicles allows you to be in total control making communication in the sky easy as if you were in the ground and offering secure communication solutions for pilots, crew and passengers. Constant connection has become a necessity which is why voice and data solution is precise and reliable.

Land Solutions connects even in the most isolated areas where terrestrial telecoms infrastructure is impossible to reach. Whether the operation is for public safety, media reporting, mining, utilities and transportation, regardless of the application or the field of work you are, a reliable, fast connectivity and voice calling is a necessity wherever their locations are located. As for media communication, data solutions provide guaranteed bandwidth, high speed video streaming and easy installation to ensure media personnel remain connected to newsroom wherever they are stationed.

Government Solutions allow government officials to perform their responsibilities anywhere or responding quickly to natural disasters. In military and civil departments, real time, secure and reliable communications for the most sensitive situations for remote and mobile teams in defense, national security and emergency response agencies worldwide. Voice and data speed with flexible connections of the units to stay connected while they are in action. Asset Tracking Solutions provides unique solutions for data, sensor and GPS position while connecting your sensor enables data collection, monitoring and tracking. These are just some of the uses of satellite communication. Sat-store.net gives you the widest array of reliable tools to ensure you always stay connected no matter where you are and what conditions you may be into. Contact us today for your free quote!