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Terms and Conditions

Here are the terms and condition in purchasing tools, machine, and equipment on our company. We provide this article for you to understand and know the rights and obligations of our company. Also these terms would aim to avoid conflicts and unwanted problems in the future between Satstore and our valued clients. Furthermore, this page aims to provide more knowledge for our customers on how our company works and operates legalities-wise as well as our regulations on paying and on handling the purchased items form us.

Our company has all the legal documents that every company needs. We assure you that we are fully licensed and therefore we make sure that all our clients read and understand our terms and conditions so that we can use this agreement in any purpose it may serve especially in a Court of law.We also see to it that you have acknowledged and agreed to all our prices set on our website at the date of this agreement for legal purposes. We make it our responsibility to inform all our clients about our price change from time to be able for you to be aware on how much are you going to pay. In the event that you would cancel your order with us, you must inform us via phone call and email within three days after the order was placed or you are obliged to pay ALL the charges and fees including the amount for the item bought from SatStore as well as other charges like shipping and handling, is applicable. You can pay us through any monetary currency payable by you under this agreement without any delays or deduction. Orders are only processed once payment is received by SatStore.The agreement is valid for a minimum of 12 months from the day you agree. And we declare you to take full responsibility in monitoring your usage of any service we provide under the agreement. Likewise, we are not obliged to inform you that you have reached the limit of your phone usage. Also, we are not compelledto send any messages or alerts regarding on your usage limit.This agreement is legally governed by the laws of Toronto, Canada and we advise you abide on this agreement to avoid any legal action between our company and our valued clients.